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Runtastic GPS Running, Jogging and Fitnesscoach is a tool by which we can take a complete record of our athletic activity, and go to run, to jog, or any other type of outdoor exercise.

The program allows us to take a record via GPS of the distance we traveled, the time we spent, the speed we went, the slope which we had to overcome, and even the approximate number of calories burned with our exercises.

Also, with all this information the application will be putting together a series of graphs and table by which we can take a history of our progress. The application is also prepared to work on a treadmill or other fitness equipment.

More than all this, runtastic includes a number of social profiles by which we can share or major achievements through Facebook, or Twitter in seconds.

Runtastic GPS Running, Jogging, and Fitnesscoach is a very useful tool for all those users who exercise regularly and want to take a good record of their progress. It is a great help for anyone who wants to loose weight!
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